Members of the JMHS orchestra in 1961.

Who were they and where are they now?

Here are the people I know of, their instrument, and current information.

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  • Marnix A. van Ammers; French Horn
    Retired Unix System Administrator
    Benicia, CA 94510
    If you know more about where the folks below are now, please let me know. -->> marnix "*AT*"

  • Alan Gordon; Violin
    High School Teacher; Los Angeles, CA
    AJGAJG3 "*AT*"

  • Kim Fregoso (O'Donnell); Flute
    College Student
    Riverside, CA
    mik57od "*AT*"

  • Carol Joseph; Flute

  • Michele Bloch (now Michele Zukovsky); Clarinet
    Faculty member USC School of Music, Principal Clarinet LA Philharmonic
    Los Angeles (?)

  • Harvey Pittel; Clarinet
    Saxaphone Player in Harvey Pittel Saxaphone Quartet
    Austin, Texas
    Harvey Pittel's web site.

  • Stuart Fox; Clarinet
    Last seen living with his father in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in 1964.

  • John Lee; Bass
    joanandjohn "*AT*"

  • Carlos ?; Bass

  • Dan Appelman; Cello
    Lawyer in San Jose area.

  • Richard Rath; Trumpet

  • David Crites; French Horn
    French Horn Player
    Vera Cruz, Mexico

  • Carol Glass; Flute

  • Pat Sumi; Violin
    Civil Rights Activist
    Deceased 1997

  • Donna Smith; Violin

  • Zachary Taylor; Flute

  • Sean Solomon; Violin
    a/o 2005-04-20 Director, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington
    Department of Terrestrial Magnetism
    Carnegie Institution of Washington
    5241 Broad Branch Road, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20015
    202/478-8850 scs "*AT*"

  • Gene Turetsky; Clarinet
    Santa Fe, New Mexico
    genaroandcat "*AT*"

  • De Etta Hansen; French Horn

  • Mike Anzis; Trumpet

  • Pat ?; Trumpet

  • Jon A. Hartz, Sr.; Violin
    Retired Insurance Investigator
    Benicia, California
    jon "*AT*"

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